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Its never too late to improve your health


I am 40 years, 100 kgs, 5ft 9 inches..having BP from last 4 years.Cholesterol and Sugar under control with medication. Cardiologist has advised to reduce my weight to 85 kg by exercise in next 4 months. I have started static cycling (cardio) for 40 mins everyday from last 2 weeks. Please help me with a plan.


Hi Parvez,

You need to first sort out your diet and lifestyle, excess stress along with poor stress management and an unhealthy diet is what is causing 70% of your problems. So start out by learning to cut down on stress by some simple breathing exercises, regular physical activity and generally not letting thoughts and anxieties linger in your mind for too long.

Your diet needs to be improved, that is if you have not done it already. Start the day with 50 gms of oats, 4-5 spoons of almonds and a banana. Have a lunch of 100 gms fish (lightly cooked and no gravy), 100 gms dal cooked in a very light curry, 1 roti, some green vegetables and curd. For dinner have 50-100 gms paneer, 100 gms non veg (no gravy) and a cup of cabbage/cauliflower/broccoli either raw or slightly boiled. You can snack on some nuts, green tea (no added sugar) and some fruits like guava, oranges, apples during the day. This kind of eating will be ideal to follow considering your goal of dropping 15 kgs in 4 months along with the health problems that you are facing. Once or twice a week you can have a meal where you have something that is not mentioned in this plan and that you like, but keep the servings small.

For exercise, you need something more intense. I would suggest that you join a proper gym where you can do resistance training and are not just restricted to some cycling. Start off with some push ups with hands on a bench and get as many reps as you can in 3-4 sets, next move onto some dumbbell rows, squats (do half if full not possible), and finally some reverse crunches. After that jump rope or go for the treadmill to do some interval training. For interval training, you need to alternate between going fast for 30-90 seconds and going slow for 1 1/2 to 2 minutes and continue this cycle for a total for 6-8 rounds. Do this workout 3 days a week, and on the other 3 days go for brisk walks for 30 minutes. Remember the key is to make it brisk so that you are sweating and breathing harder than normal during the 30 mins to challenge your body and not just strolling. 

With time focus on increasing the weight that you lift, the speed at which you move, etc to keep progressing. Along with the scheduled exercise program it is recommended that you live a more active lifestyle by walking more at your workplace instead of using lifts, playing sports with friends or playing with kids, in short wherever you get an opportunity to get some exercise or physical activity, you must make use of it. And yes, it is always advisable to consult your physician before you begin any exercise program, and do not ignore your medication unless your doctor asks you to stop.

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