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Be a winner with Jenny

Life is full of challenges! How you face them is upto you. You can let them beat you, or you can beat them. In the case of Jenny Farber it was the latter. A dancer since childhood, she was forced to end her performing career due to an unfortunate ankle injury. Not one to back down, Jenny took this opportunity to start a whole new career in the fitness industry.

Today she is a much sought after trainer, who uses her lifelong experience of healthy living along with her knowledge gained from various certifications to help her clients achieve the best shape and conditioning possible. So let us try to learn from this winner how to win over our fitness problems.

Arnav Sarkar (AS): Jenny, thank you for doing this interview. Why don’t you begin by letting us know a bit about your training background?

Jenny Farber (JF): When my Professional Dancing Career ended with a serious ankle injury I was forced to make a decision.   I have been lucky to always be active and in shape, but overcoming physical limitations with modifications was one of the biggest challenges of my life.  It was mind over matter and after 2 years of physical therapy I began to feel better than I ever could have imagined.  I wanted to learn as much as I could and apply it to disciplines that would allow others to feel as well as I do.  We all have limitations and for me the objective was to find what worked best to keep me pain free & master each phase.  I believe in the "I CAN" method

AS: Could you tell us a bit about your current coaching commitments? 

JF: To assist & help clients of all ages build endurance & improve overall health. Using a combination of different fitness regimens & the graceful movements of dance creates an environment that makes exercise challenging , fun &, successful.

Warm up with Jenny

AS: How and when did you get into kettlebells, and what did you find so special about kb’s that you stuck to it?

JF: I was introduced to Kettlebells three years ago.   I think that Kettlebells are amazing.  They work the entire body head to toe and the anterior and posterior chains.  It is so important to me to have each of the  7 layers of muscle tissue stronger than the next which allows the body to be functional in all planes of motion and help reduce the risk of injury.

AS: Do you feel that there are enough quality kb female trainers out there?

JF: I do think that women are finally getting the same acceptance and respect as men in the fitness world.  This motivates women to become as fit as possible, and encourages us to stay educated and not just stand in the background

AS: In your experience what are the most common problems that women face in their quest to get fitter?

JF: Women want to be strong but they want to look sexy and femine.  They think that by doing any type of strength training they will become bulky. This can happen with any method if done incorrectly or too much.   I have found that it is key to find a method or technique that your body will react to in a positive way.  Bodyweight Training and Kettlebells along  with a great 3-5x a week cardio program has done wonders for me over the years and has kept me lean and strong.

AS: How do you convince female clients to overcome their fear of lifting kettlebells?

JF: Kettlebells are a learned technique  just like free weights, yoga, pilates, or cycling.  It takes time to master a technique and become comfortable with your trainer, be consistent in your practice, and not get  frustrated with the harder more challenging movements.  Key to overcoming your fear of the all mighty Kettlebell.

AS: Let’s discuss a hypothetical case. Let’s say Susan who is in her early 30’s, is a working mom of a 5 year old. She wants to lose some pounds, but due to her schedule she can only train at home for say about 45 minutes 3-4 times a week. What kind of routine would you suggest?

JF: Susan has a set schedule and a family to attend to so finding time to workout is a challenge and she has not even started getting physical fit.  It is important to start slow, and implement a 30 minute program combining strength, and cardio into her schedule 2- 3 days a week.  She has many options such as walking in her neighborhood, playing at the beach with her family, going for a bike ride, or a nice weekend hike.  Her body will begin to reap the benefits.  Her energy will get better throughout the day, she will eat healthier, and sleep better to name a few of the benefits.

AS: Do you train women above the age of 55? What precautions would you take in training for such cases?

JFIt is important in my opinion to understand that age is only a number.  A client that is 20 years old could actually have more or the same limitations that a 55 year old woman would have.   These will be discussed in the initial consultation so the trainer knows medical history, injuries and limitations, medications, current workout regimen , and nutrition habits.  This will help the trainer to assess how the physical part of the program will advance.

AS: What are the general nutritional guidelines that you suggest one must follow to be fit and lean?

JF: I feel that a client's nutritional aspect of  a fitness program is 60% and the physical is 40%.  I do believe  in eating 5 small meals a day and drinking  plenty of H2O.  Our body is our machine and we need fuel in order for the machine to run smoothly. Again, some clients may have allergies or their pallet may not like certain textures , flavors, etc. so it is important to learn your client and help educate them in making healthy food choices that will help them in attaining  their goals.  Personal trainers tend to want to give their clients all of the details so they do not have to seek additional services from other professionals.  I know my strengths and weaknesses and it is crucial that I only offer advice on what I KNOW. If you don’t know the answer please be honest with your client or trainer and search out a 2nd opinion .  It will be better for everyone.

Tough sit up variation

AS: What are the biggest mistakes you see most trainers make in their training and nutrition programs for clients?

JF:  Get the best education from the most knowledgeable sources, continue studying to improve your skills, & have a positive outlook. This will transmit your dedication to your clients and give them the desire to copy your success.  I would say to new trainers the same thing I say to prospective clients- Focus on your goals. Improve your body. Transform your life.

AS: Thank you once again Jenny for sharing such high quality information with us. Where can the readers get more information about you and how can they contact you?

JF: Thank you and keep up the great work. You can find out all you would  want to know about Jenny Farber at or contact her directly at . Focus on your goals. Improve your body. Transform your life.

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