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How loud should your workouts be?

Scene 1- The health spa

The place- a very well decorated, and maintained place. Lots of cool looking machines that sometimes reminds you of a sci-fi movie. Lots of "attendants" to take care of you starting from the receptionist to the house boys.

Crowd-  most members are 30+ and there is a good mix of gentlemen and ladies. They have a great sense of dressing and will often be found discussing their latest business deals, costly purchases or the party last night.

Workouts- generally workouts are approached in a very polite manner and in most spas it is centered mostly around light to moderate weights and cardio machines. The members train in a very "dignified" manner and find shouting or grunting during an exercise to be "impolite".

Scene 2- the hardcore gym

The place- a more underground type appeal. Mostly consisting of heavy iron and free weights The place though not unhygienic is still not the prettiest place to visit with some of the painting coming off the walls.

Crowd- mostly used by men (although that is changing slowly). The members are not very dress conscious with many preferring their old torn t-shirts or some not even wearing one. The discussions mostly center around training and how others in the gym perform.

Workouts- most workouts are done with heavy weights (often much more than what the trainee can handle). The trainees will not bother about being polite and will often abuse the entire family of the barbell and weights during a set (I know, its a tough life being a bar and a weight plate). Plus there will be a lot of "throwing" down of plates upon completion of a set resulting in.....further noise!

Having been part of both types of workout centers I can speak from my experience how the members of each approach their workouts. In this article I will not try to tell you about the merits or demerits of either of the two centers. I would rather like to draw your attention to the noise that is made by trainees during a workout.

To begin with let me first of all say this that I DO NOT think that it is okay at all to try and draw attention to yourself in the gym by throwing down a dumbbell or a barbell upon completing a set! Remember that the gym is a place where many members share the cost and use the equipments together. So it is not okay for a moron who happens to be an attention seeker to destroy the equipments due to his emotional shortcomings. I was myself part of a gym where some members would often damage the weights by dropping it after every set,and this was their way of showing that they were using a heavy weight. Well, if you want to impress others by showing how strong you are then you should do that by showing how well you can HANDLE heavy weights and not by dropping them! 

Now moving on to shouting and yelling during a set. This is something that I feel is partly justified. I mean if you are going to lift serious weights that challenge you, then you will end up grunting and yelling to complete a lift. For all those who think that shouting while lifting a heavy weight is being too impolite, I will suggest that you join a library rather than a gym! Working out is a great way to let out some steam and pent up frustration that you may have outside the gym. And letting it out on the weights (yes again its a tough life for the weights) is a great way to feel a little better. Of course I am not saying that you should continue to run away from your problems, but it is a good way to get some temporary relief before you look to sort out the troublesome issues in the long term.

I will however not support those trainees who curl 20 pounds and shout as if they are rescuing a person who is hanging from a cliff. Come on, show a little respect to yourself and dont unnecessarily distract those who are working out near you. Look, if you are going to lift some serious weights, then most often than not the other members will pause their workout for a brief moment to watch you lift, so you might not really disturb others so much. However shouting for your life when using tiny weights is only going to help you get labelled as a nutcase or a wannabe! Fancy being called one of those names behind your back? I dont think so!

So let me conclude by saying that it is ok to grunt, shout, and if need be even curse the harmless weights, but do not do look to make noise to attract attention. You will not get bigger depending on how much noise you make. You will get bigger depending on how efficient your workouts are.

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