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Mass building query

Q. Which is the best supplement for mass gain in india?? Could you suggest a diet plan??? I weight 56 kg and am 5'7"


A. Hi. Unfortunately I really do not use nor do I recommed supplements for myself or my clients so I am not aware of the current products available in India.

I would suggest that you up your food intake to around 2500-3500 calories first and then think of supplements. Of course heavy training is essential to ensure that all those calories are used properly by the body to create muscles. 

Here are some recommendations that you can try to incorporate into your diet plan to help you add some mass.

Start by increasing your intake of healthy fats to help boost your testosterone count. Have 2-3 whole eggs a day. Increase consumption of milk, almonds, and peanuts. 

Contrary to popular belief you do not need loads of protein to build mass. At your weight 70 gms of protein should be good enough to start with. So eat a lot of daal (pulses), non veg as your primary source of protein. Of course eggs and dairy will also add to your protein count.

Be sure to get sufficient carbs in too. I personally feel that carbs and healthy fat are more crucial than protein to add mass for skinny guys, because that is what creates a suitable hormonal balance to add mass and the carbs ensure that protein is spared from being used as a fuel for energy and is used for muscle building. Have lots of rotis (unleavened flatbread made from whole wheat flour), oats and other low glycemic carbs over high glycemic carbs like white rice, white flour, etc. Of course do get your daily servings of fruits (preferably bananas, apples) and various colored veggies, and try to have 4-6 meals a day and include atleast 1 item from all the 3 groups at each meal. 

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