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The perfect time to start is now!

Too often many individuals wait for the prefect start. They try to get everything in order before they begin their journey of a fitter and stronger life. Or they will simply procrastinate mindlessly for no real reason. Here are 5 popular reasons to delay the start of a workout program:

1.     Let me get through the upcoming party/birthday/etc next week/month and then I will begin, after all the event would as it is have brought about a break in my schedule, so might as well begin after it 

2.      Let me first find the perfect formula to get lightening fast results so that I do not have to waste my time behind useless programs

3.       Let me take a little more time to find out what I exactly want to do, i.e do I want to join a gym/martial arts class/swimming etc.

4.     I have had a terrible time last month and will need some more time to recover before I can focus on starting a workout program

5.     Let me binge one last time on my favourite food and then I will begin my ultra strict diet and workout routine

There are many such similar reasons which are used to not begin working out. Unfortunately the reasons never end and the workouts never begin in the search for the perfect start or the perfect time to start. Frankly speaking, there is no other perfect time to start than now! 

The best part about starting is that you do not have to make it too intense or too tough on yourself. Simply assign yourself the target of showing up for your workouts without too many other goals for atleast the first 2-4 weeks or so. Yes, I know you were hoping to drop 6 inches off your waist in the first month, but guess what if you have not been working out then such a goal is more likely to ensure that you will never begin or never stick with your workouts for too long.

The other thing that beginners need to stop bothering about is trying to do an exercise in perfect form from day 1. Sure, some simple exercises like calf raises can be done in perfect form from day 1, but the more complex ones or rather let us say the most useful ones will take some time to learn and get it perfect. So be patient with the bench presses, squats, military presses, etc and practice it to learn it perfectly with time. Just ensure that you do not put your joints in a very painful position and you will do great with time as your form improves.

Having talked about beginning your program, let me also warn you that do not start evaluating or thinking about changing your workout after the first session or so. Too often trainees will begin a workout and after the first or second workout will start thinking about changing it because they find it too easy or too tough. To properly evaluate a program you need to give it atleast 4 weeks, trying to be too hasty will work against you, so be careful.

So let me once again state that the perfect time to start is NOW! To help you get started here are some guidelines that you can try based on your goals:

Goal 1- fat to fit

1.       Start with 3 sessions of basic strength work doing 2-3 sets of push ups, squats, T-rotations, Rows, crunches

2.     Add another 2-3 sessions of lighter work for eg fast walking, cycling, joint mobility, etc in between strength workouts to further burn calories and to recover faster

3.      Cut out or atleast limit junk food, sugar intake, empty calories, alcohol

4.     Get rid of addictive foods like chocolate, etc from the house so that the constant temptation will not be there for you to cheat. Instead keep healthy snacks like nuts, fruits like apples around so that you reach for them instead of the unhealthy choices

5.      Get atleast 7 hours of sleep each night, and try to maintain a regular sleep time along with preferably going to sleep early instead of watching TV or surfing the net till 3 a.m.

Goal 2-skinny to big and strong

1.     Start with a well rounded strength training program consisting of a pull, push, lower body exercise at each session 3 days a week
2.     Eat more and more often. Go for a good balance of carbs, fats, and protein at each of your meals

3.     Stock up your kitchen and fridge with healthy choices of high calorie foods, to have them easily accessible so that you dont go hungry when you need to eat

4.     Get atleast 7 hours of sleep a night, and try to maintain a regular sleep time along with preferably going to sleep early instead of watching TV or surfing the net till 3 a.m.

I think that should be simple enough to follow for starters. And as you progress you can start looking at getting better, but again the perfect time to start is NOW.

 Image courtesy-Flickr by germanuncut77 

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