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Strength, martial arts and endurance

Q. Was just wondering because I read so much about real strength for martial arts and if you want to achieve it you have to do heavy deadlifts, squat, bench press, dips and chin-ups.

What do you think about that? Most of the guys say that you have to do 3-5 rep maxes to gain some strength which is good for martial arts.

So I was a little bit confused because I want to get stronger and muscular too. And what about High Intensity Training (HIT), is that the way to go for best strength gains?

Do you maybe have some suggestions to make a routine that way? I still like the combination of training strength, martial arts and endurance in one workout.
I have one kettlebell. Do you think its good to put in some kettlebell work on a separate day next to the workouts for conditioning and then using swings, snatches etc. 


A. Yes, it is true that you will build strength best with deadlifts, squats, rows, and presses. You do not necessarily have to go as low as 3 reps, 5-7 reps for 3 sets will also be a great option to get stronger.

A good minimalist way to combine strength, martial arts and endurance will be to aletrnate two different workouts. Start one workout with heavy overhead presses and then do heavy deadlifts. Follow that up with bodyweight squats for high reps to build endurance. After that go on to some martial arts practice.

For the other workout start off with heavy chins or heavy rows and then move onto heavy squats. Follow that up with some high rep push ups to build endurance. And again finish off with martial arts practice. You can do upto 3-4 workouts a week alternating between the two workouts.

Kettlebells are great. They will work your grip and core harder when compared with using a dumbbell. You can use them for high reps to build endurance or you can use heavier bells to build strength and size. Since you have only one kettlebell I will suggest that you can do a high rep exercise like swings instead of bodyweight squats for one of the workouts in a week. You can also superset it with either the push ups or squats, or maybe even do it for a few rounds in between your martial arts practice to enhance your endurance.

As far as HIT goes, in my opinion it can be good to do a HIT routine to do once every 4 weeks in 6-8 months or so to get some variety.

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