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Weighted push ups to add intensity

Lets face it, after a point of time simply doing countless number of push ups becomes boring. To keep motivating yourself at every session to do 100's of reps of push ups can take a lot of "pushing" to do, mentally. Having said that, an exercise like the push up is a great exercise to have in your training arsenal, especially if you happen to train at home or in a gym that has a more dinosaur or primitive look to it (such gyms are great to keep it simple and get results). 

So if you have become good at the basic bodyweight push up then now add some weights to this classic exercise to increase the intensity and make it once fun once again. To do this variation of the push up you will need a friend or a training partner to place the weight safely on your back. So check out the demo video of me doing a few reps and then I will share some more points to keep in mind when doing this exercise.

So keep these points in mind to get the best from this exercise:

  • Keep your arms close to your sides to engage your lats for more power
  • Go down in a controlled manner for both safety and maximum muscle work by avoiding any bouncing and momentum
  • Maintain a straight line in your body all throughout the set. That would mean that your shoulders should not come up before your hips come up. That would also be the case when you go down, do not let your hips sag or only allow the shoulders to go down
  • Place the weight about mid way on your back for stability. If you place it too high near the neck or too low near your butt then you will not the best muscle recruitment in the upper body and plus there will be the risk of the weight falling off too.
So go ahead and take this exercise to the next step, and "push" your body to improve!

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