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10 boxing training videos to motivate you

Whether you are a fan of boxing or not, you will probably agree that before the arrival of MMA, boxers were probably the most conditioned athletes in the world of professional sports. Their training regimens were stuff of legends and in some cases people were more scared of the training than the possibility of the punches landing across their faces. Needless to say then that if one were looking for inspiration for some conditioning training then boxers would be the ideal people for it. So here are 10 videos that I believe will charge you up for your next conditioning session, beginning with the great Ali. And yes, such training is also likely to “punch” out the fat from your body!

Muhammad ALI Training HD

The Best Out'' Muhammad ali's training session

Mike Tyson Sparring, Training Promo

Surreal yet incredible Tyson training Video

Rocky Marciano Rare Training Footage [HD]

Sugar Ray Robinson Training Footage

Floyd Mayweather Jr Training One of the hardest worker on

 the planet

Oscar De La Hoya Training Video (HQ) Do it Again

Manny Pacquiao Training Highlight

David Haye training

Bonus videos
Also here are two bonus videos that I felt must be shared. The first one is a collection of training scenes from the classic Rocky series. Even though Rocky Balboa was only a character in a movie, he still remains an inspiration to a great many boxers around the world and also to those who love to train hard. So in my opinion inspirational boxing training videos can never be complete unless there is something from the Rocky series. And the last one, well just have a look, it is always good to have a few laughs, even if it happens to be a serious sport like boxing.

Rocky Training

And finally a little moment for a man who though was not a pro boxer, but was an inspiration to many great boxers. 38 years ago he left us on this day (20th July) when he still had so much share. He still remains as much of an inspiration today as he did then, ladies and gentlemen, the one and only......Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee Punching Heavy Bag

Bruce Lee's 1 inch punch

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