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10 old school strength training and lifting videos to motivate you

Hard to believe that even though we are in the year 2011 A.D., and that we have a zillion equipments at our disposal today to get stronger, the human race on an average is much weaker than say what it was even till only 25 years ago! Clearly we have become too spoiled thanks to the million choices that we have and have allowed man made comforts to make us weak, unlike what mother nature intended for us to be.

I think its high time that we get our butts off the sofa and chairs and do some strength training everyday.  We have enough opportunities to do so, and using weights is the best way to do it. No, you do not need the latest techno-cool lifting machine to do so. Old fashioned barbells, dumbbells are still the best way to go. So to motivate you I have compiled 10 old school strength training and lifting videos, that will show you how in the olden days guys got stronger. You will notice in the videos how all these guys not just are strong, but display radiant health too. That is what strength training and good, clean, stress free living can do for you. So without further delay go ahead and enjoy the following videos, and then go lift something heavy!

Rare Doug Hepburn footage

Paul Anderson one-arm presses 300 pounds

Paul Anderson clean and press 435 pounds.

Paul Anderson Training

Serge Redding - 502lb. (228kg.) Clean & Press

Iron Man - Arthur Saxon - The Iron-Master

The first 1000lbs SQUAT!

Yuri Vlasov training

HUGE Powerlifter Ted Arcidi Breaks Bench World Record...TWICE!

Thomas inch dumbbell

2 Bonus videos: 

Well not exactly strength training in the sense that we relate to it, but some very impressive feats of strength are displayed in this video

Alexander Zass The Toughest Man On Earth Video

And the last one just to cheer you up and remind you that old style strength training minus all the fancy equipment is still not dead, here is an impressive video of raw  lifting from Konstantin Konstantinovs: 

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