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Flavours of India

A very happy 64th Independence day to all my fellow Indians, and lots of love to all my international friends. It was 1947, that we got our independence and became a part of the free world. Of course today's India is a far more developed nation than that of 1947, but we still have miles to go before we join the ranks of the first world countries. So on this special occasion I chose 5 videos which display the physical culture in India.

The videos that I chose are what I believe will be enjoyed and inspirational to people of all nations and not restricted only to Indians. After all the human spirit is universal. In particular I found the first video featuring Aditya "Romeo" Dev to be very inspirational. This 21 year old guy who weighs only 20 pounds is a champion who has not let nature ruin his self belief.

Worlds Smallest Bodybuilder Demonstrates Big Ambitions

The Topmost Mallakhamb Players

CST Coach Hothi returns to Clubbell Birthplace: India

Kalarippayattu, KKA, Kannur

Premchand degra Mr Universe (middleweight, 1988)

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