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Need help for weight gain

hi Arnav

im gaurav i am 28 year old and working proffesional .as i want some
tips for weight gain. i have tried gym from feb2011 and stop at june .
as i didn't seen any improvement or weight gain in my body. as i have
weak digestion problem too so i cant eat heavy protein diets . i had
taken normal diets with sufficient fiber. but no improvement has come.
im 5.8 and weight is 50-52 kg only. kindly help me.
as now i am taking diet as

Breakfast:7.00am :curd with 2 parathas
 10.00 am: 2 banana and apple
 12.30pm:  4 chapatti and sabji lunch at office
4.00 pm: 1 paratha
6.00 pm: 2 banana 1 apple and half galss mausambi (sweet lime) juice.
 9.00pm: 4 chappati dal sabji.

i am also taking treatment for my digestion system and doctor told me
to do exercise  . it will help me. but how and what exercise will help
me. can u plz plz help me.

Hi Gaurav,

I can understand your reason to leave the gym since you did not see any results. The first thing that I will inform you is that you need to eat a lot to gain weight. However since you have said that you have digestion issues, it is important that you take your time to increase your food intake. In particular as a skinny guy you need to focus heavily on dietary fat and carbs to help you add size. For your weight a protein intake of 60-75 gms should be good enough to begin with and hopefully not disturb your stomach a lot. Looking at your diet I can see that you do not intake any animal protein. If it is due to any religious or ethical reasons then I can understand, if not then I would recommend that you start adding some, and whole eggs would be a good way to start. Some further changes to your diet would be:

Breakfast- have oats with milk and almonds, and an egg
Lunch- Have dal and 4 rotis, with curd
4.00 - replace paratha with peanuts, and 50 gms of sattu
Dinner- have rotis with 100 gms paneer, and raw vegetables

Also it would be ideal if you can consume a few spoons of ghee (clarified butter) each day to help get more fat in your diet to aid you in adding weight. Start with as much food as you can digest initially and then gradually increase the serving size till you start gaining weight. Remember eating big will help you add weight, and it will be ideal if you can add some meat in the future to your diet.

For training you can start off with some good old fashioned bodyweight training for a few months to help you get conditioned for lifting later and help improve your digestion. Do these three exercises- push ups, pull ups, and bodyweight squats. Do them for 4-5 days a week and build up to being able to do 40-50 push ups, 10-15 pull ups, and 150-200 squats in one set. Thereafter you can start lifting weights. Again with the weights keep the choice of exercises few, and build upto some big weights. The beginner routine mentioned in this article would be a good place to begin with.

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