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Recovery technique for the lower legs this weekend

Okay so its Friday again (atleast here in India), and I hope that you worked out hard during the week. If you did then you deserve a well earned relaxation during the weekend to have a great time with your friends and family. However it is also to be kept in mind that the the next week's workouts are not far away. But, its weekend time, and for now you need some recovery to help build energy for the next week's workouts.

One very good way to recover is to get a good, relaxing massage. However unfortunately a good massage is not  cheap, and depending on where you get it done, it can cost a lot! So how about a cheap, affordable and most importantly effective massage right in your own home? Yes, I am talking about self massage, where you massage yourself. After all you know best which areas need maximum attention on your body. So for this we will use a small and affrodable object, the good old Tennis ball.

This weekend I would like you to specifically focus on your lower legs. Yes, those areas which after a hard week, probably need the most attention, and the ones that you feel most when you have had a very active week involving a lot of walking. So below is a very helpful video that I found which you can watch to learn how to do a self massage with the ball. The massage is very easy to perform and you can do it while you watch the video. Feel free to take as much time as you need to take with any area that feels as if it needs more time. You can of course use the ball to massage other bodyparts too like the lower back, shoulders, etc, but do ensure that the lower leg is given due attention.

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