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Fat loss query (28.09.2011)

Q.) Hi Arnav.. Really feel glad to have come across your site.. :) This is PS from Kochi. I'm a working guy, 30 years old, 170 cm tall and weigh 75 kg. Guess that puts my BMI at an unhealthy 26. Although my arms & chest arent flabby, I have the typical pear shaped body as of now, with a bad paunch (34 inches waist) and disgustingly out of shape thighs and buttocks. I realise, it has been my diet and lack of regular sufficient exercise that is to be blamed. I'm a non-vegetarian (prefer chicken & fish) and I drink occasionally (limited to 2-3 larges twice a week). I dont smoke. I have gone through all the posts similar to my condition. I dont have a fad for a 6 pack but I would desperately want to lose at least 10 kgs, burn the excess fat, improve my metabolism, stamina and flexibility and of all - feel good about myself! I'm trying to identify a reliable trainer in the gyms near my place. In the meantime, can I start off with bodyweight training? Please suggest a workout plan for the same. Regarding diet, although I am fond of cornflakes (honey flavoured) with cold milk for b'fast, so that I dont add sugar, after going through some posts, I really am not sure I can still continue with it? I freak out on chicken (preferably tandoori) and seafood. Please advise on the quantity I must restrict to. Since I have lunch at the office canteen, my options are rice (Kerala red rice), mixed vegetable sambaar, roti, curd and one non veg (I prefer just the chicken) dish. Please advise on the recommended quantity. 

A.) As you have yourself very correctly said that your problem primarily arises from the lack of exercise mixed with a relatively unfavorable diet. So if you can make a dedicated effort to improve on these 2 factors then there is no reason why you should not see the changes that you wish to see. As I have mentioned in a previous post that weight training is one of the best ways to lose fat and get in great shape. Having said that it is ok to begin with bodyweight training before you lift weights, as you are planning to do.

Here is a program that you can do 4 days a week:

Hindu push ups- 3 sets of 8 reps (add 1-2 reps every 3rd day)
Split squats- 2 sets of 6-8 reps each side (add 1-2 reps once a week)
T-rotations- 2 sets of 5 reps each side (add 1-2 reps once a week)
Bodyweight squats- 50 reps in as few sets as possible (when you can do 50 reps in one set, add 5 reps, and progress 2-5 reps at a time)

Finish off with about 10 minutes of rapid rope jumping, and stretching. 

Note: if your form is not great on the bodyweight exercises, then first perfect the form before you add more reps.

Your diet will make the largest difference when it comes to fat loss, and you have correctly assumed that corn flakes with added sugar has to go out. Switch to oats with a spoon of real honey with milk, apple, and almonds for a healthy breakfast. Another option is to have a breakfast of 2-3 whole eggs, 2 bananas, and 2- 4 spoon almonds. You can alternate between the two breakfast plans to avoid boredom. For lunch have more of chicken, 2-3 rotis, and some curd. In the evening you can snack on a peanut butter or chicken/fish sandwich. Dinner should ideally consist of 2 rotis, 100-150 gms fish, and some boiled veggies. Besides the diet, you must cut down on alcohol. You do not need to stop it completely, but allow yourself no more than 2 large ones a week. Same goes for eating outside, you can have it, but restrict it to no more than 2 times a week, and keep the servings to a single one, and do not repeat. 

With this plan you should start seeing results soon, and once you add the weight training in the mix, I am sure your results will only get faster.

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