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How to do T rotations

If you are looking to work your arms and core in one move, then T rotations is a great exercise that you can do. It is an exercise that I highly recommend if you love bodyweight training. With most beginners I observe that their arms vibrate a lot when doing this exercise as if there is an earthquake taking place, so yes, it does work you hard. Below is the video of the exercise, so have a look before we get into the specifics.


  • Start by getting into the push up position. If it is hard for you to do this exercise on the ground, then begin with your hands on a higher surface like a bench or bed
  • Start by raising one hand towards the ceiling, while turning both your feet. Breathe out while you turn
  • Return to the beginning position by lowering the hand and breathing in

How to use it in your workouts

  • If you find them too tough to do, then do them for 5-6 reps and 3-4 sets in the earlier part of your workout
  • As you get good at it do it for longer duration. You can also superset it with another lower body exercise like bodyweight squats or lunges
  • You can do it for time. For eg try to get as many reps as you can in 1 minute, and try to beat the number of reps the next time
To make this exercise tougher, do it with a push up. So you perform a push up and then rotate to one side, again another push up and rotate to the other side.

Common errors

  • Hips too high- ideally your body should form a straight line rather than a triangle where your hips are raised higher than your shoulders
  • Rotating too far back- your hands should end at the top pointing towards the ceiling, but if it is going too far back then you need to cut down the range 
  • Feet not turning- both your feet should turn when you rotate your body. If your feet stay still and all the rotation is only taking place in the arms, then you are not doing it right

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