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30 best muscle building foods

To have extra large muscles you need extra large nutrition. Make no mistake about it, eating 2 mini meals a day will not equal to big muscles. As the saying goes, to add bodyweight add food to your plate, and weight on the bar. That is probably as simple as it can get. You also need to follow a balanced eating approach. Eating high amounts of protein while neglecting healthy carbs, and fat is not the way to go. So here is a list of 30 foods that should be part of your diet if you are interested in seeing bigger muscles

1. Whole eggs- packed with enough nutrients to boost your testosterone levels and build quality muscle, whole eggs should be a staple for those who need to build size. And do not throw away the yolks, almost half the protein and many other vital nutrients go away with it

2. Red meat- it was a favourite of bodybuilders till the 70’s. Then in the 80’s and 90’s people were brainwashed into believing that it will cause heart problems, etc. The truth however is that red meat is one of the best foods to build muscle and gain weight. It offers high quality protein, zinc, etc that make it a must have for getting big

3. Pasta- getting big is not just about the protein, carbs play a big role too. Well made pasta is great to eat and provides a lot of healthy carbs for muscle building. Choose the whole wheat option for best results.

4. Potatoes- often considered to be fattening, potatoes are actually a great source of carbs which aid in muscle building

5. Chicken- one of the most preferred option for many bodybuilders, since it is considered to be one of the best sources of “clean” protein. And without doubt it surely delivers what it promises, lots of high quality protein for great size building.

6. Oats- a great breakfast option that provides a good amount of carbs, fiber, etc. Its all healthy and ideal to begin a great day of muscle building with.

7. Pulses and legumes- for those who are vegetarians, pulses and legumes are a great source of protein. There are many tasty recipes that you can try, and surely worth making them a staple in your diet.

8. Cottage cheese- a great source of first class protein that will be ideal for those who do not eat meat, chicken and fish.

9. Whole milk- if you want to gain mass then go for whole milk over skim milk. Often many criticize milk and say that it is not good for you. However in reality many old time bodybuilders and strongmen considered  milk to be an integral part of their diet. So include it if you want serious results

10. Butter- yep, its all about the calories. Being a high calorie food it becomes a great weight gaining food. Simply put it on toast, or use it for cooking. Either ways it tastes yummy and helps gain weight.

11. Nuts- a great option for snacking that helps boost your testosterone levels and provides healthy fat and protein. Simply eat them at breakfast or in between meals to keep your anabolic hormones high

12. Quinoa- a great option to get in some good amount of protein and fiber in your diet. An ideal choice of protein for vegans.

13. Olive oil- not just heart friendly, it also happens to be muscle friendly too. Unlike refined oils that can harm your health, unrefined olive oil is a great addition to your diet to keep you healthy and make you big.

14. Whole wheat bread- don’t you just love to have some sandwich at breakfast or as a snack? Or do you prefer it as toast with butter? Whatever form you like it in, it will surely help to gain weight and make you bigger.

15. Cheese- yum, yum, yum. One of my most favourite foods. It goes well with burgers, pasta, toast and even if you have it all by itself. Again, a great source of protein that tastes great too.

16. Fish- like chicken, fish too is often referred to as a source of “clean”protein. Besides the protein, fish also provides a good dose of omega-3 fatty acids which are really healthy for you.

17. Yoghurt- a great side dish to have with your main meals, or can be eaten as a snack. It also contains healthy bacteria that improves your gastrointestinal health. Avoid eating the ones with sugar and go for the unsweetened one.

18. Banana- a great fruit that is a must have for the many healthy benefits that it offers. It also happens to be great option for muscle building and weight gaining.

19. Clarified butter- a high calorie addition to your meals that can keep your muscles primed to grow bigger.

20. Coconut milk- it can used for cooking, or you can have it all by itself. Either ways it provides a lot calories for muscle building.

21. Baked beans- another superfood for vegans to consume which also goes well with muscle building.

22. Dark chocolate- besides being a high calorie option for muscle building it also happens to be heart healthy and helps to lower blood pressure. Oh, and it also happens to be yummy, incase you did not know.

23. Brown rice- not just that it provides a satisfying meal, it also provides enough carbs to gain mass. A much better option when compared to the white and refined option.

24. Avocadoes- they are one of the healthiest high calorie foods you can find, and one that can certainly be a part of your muscle building plan.

25. Mangoes- in many countries mangoes are referred to as the king of all fruits. And I am sure that you are aware of how good they taste. So eat them when you can to make your muscle building journey fun.

26. Wheat germ- a great option that is high in calories and folic acid.

27. Whole wheat flour- a healthy source of carbs that goes well with mass gaining.

28. Spinach- they sure helped Popeye to get huge arms everytime he ate them, and they will help you to get big muscles too. A great food option that keeps muscle and bone loss away, be sure to make it a part of your diet for great results.

29. Coconut oil- some avoid it, thinking that it is bad since it is high in saturated fats. The fact is that it happens to be a great oil for cooking that does not get destroyed at high heat, and also goes well with muscle building.

30. Ice cream- ok, so not a very healthy option, but if you are skinny and are trying to get big then you need to get a lot of food in. And a lot of food is very hard to get in if it is all very clean and healthy. On the other hand an occasional intake of ice cream is a very tasty option to include so that your diet remains favourable. Just don’t try to finish a tub of ice cream at one sitting.

So there you have the best choices for muscle building food. Most fruits and vegetables did not make this list because they are very low in calories. However that does not mean that you do not eat them. Make sure you include foods like tomatoes, apples, etc since they are good for your health. And yes, be sure to have a lot of water too. Remember that 70% of our body is water, so being dehydrated will not go too well with mass gaining.

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