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Will you make big leaps in this leap year?

2012 has begun. And if you have any plans to be successful in improving your health and fitness, then you should be on your way to achieve it. Last month I shared 2 posts which would help you to get started with 2 important goals. One talked about fat loss and the other talked about muscle gaining. So if any of those 2 are your goals then you have no excuses.

Before I move on I would like to share some good news with you. As you may know that this website went online only last year, and already it has won an award. It won the Top "Average Joe/Jane" Training Website award from In case you are wondering the average Joe/Jane does not refer to an average website, but rather that it can be read and enjoyed by anyone irrespective of their fitness and/or scientific background. So yes, I do feel proud to have my work recognized so early on. And I feel the recognition is just. As you can see in the banner of this website, it is about "Simplifying strength and fitness". That is my goal, to present you with a site that does not get too scientific or too complex that only those who have done a lot reading in this field can understand. It is meant for anyone who wishes to improve his or her strength and fitness levels.

Moving on, as you may know that this year happens to be a leap year, so that means we get an extra day. So does the "leap" factor motivate you to make big leaps this year? I surely hope that it does. Just like any other year you will get 52 weeks to make those changes, to be a different man/woman, to make it your best year yet, to move from being average (or worse) to being extraordinary. So will you make that happen?

If you ensure that you get atleast 3 workouts every week this year, then by the end of it you would have got 156 workouts, and let me assure you that I have NEVER seen anyone go through 156 hard and intense workouts to remain the same! Of course during the year I will do my best to share as much helpful information that I can to make your job easier, but at the end of the day you will have to stick to a plan and push hard.

One thing that I can tell you right now is that be prepared for unscheduled breaks during the year. Whether it be sickness, work, personal problems or anything else, chances are that at some point or the other during the year you will hit a point where workouts will probably have to take a backseat. It is during these times that you must have backup plans. This could mean having some bodyweight workouts ready incase you do not have access to a gym, have some lighter intensity workouts at hand incase you cannot go hard due to sickness, etc. Of course if you still end up having to miss some workouts, its ok as long as it does not become a whole month off.

Similarly you will also have moments where your diet will be disturbed, whether it be due to special occasions or any other reason. Again, be ready for such moments and take precautions. For eg eliminating all junk and unhealthy food from your home would be a good start, if it is not there to begin with then you have less chances of cheating, If you need to go out to eat, and you have a say in it, then choose a place where you can get some healthy/healthier choices.

Again, its a whole new year ahead of you, so that means a lot of opportunities for you. Make the best of them and I am sure you will make big leaps in this leap year. And before I finish, I would like to share the link of my latest post on website. The post is about a complete indoor fitness plan, and you can read it by clicking here.

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