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30.05.2012 (Dumbbell strength & kettlebell conditioning complex)

I have never really made video logs of my workouts to share on this site, primarily because I mostly do not have access to good quality camera and lighting. Plus trying to set up the camera between sets can be a distraction in your workout. However I do also realize that video logs made by people, especially trainers showing their real workouts, are very popular and people usually love such stuff, as it can be both inspirational as well educational. So I decided that I must make a start, and make video logs of random workouts, to show you how exactly I train, and more importantly show you some cool workout routines that you can do on your own too.

The first workout that I will be sharing with you is based on complexes. Complexes in my opinion can give you a great workout in very little time, and push you hard! For those who dont know, a complex is a series of exercises done with an equipment (barbell/dumbbell/kettlebell), and the equipment is not kept down till all the exercises in one round are complete. While most people think of complexes purely as a conditioning method, they can actually be done for strength and power development too, if you do them for low reps and few (2-3) exercises. So the first complex that I did, was with a dumbbell and for low reps. Here what the complex was like:

3 snatches
3 overhead presses
3 clean-squat (half)-press

In the video below I did the first round with a 32 kg (70 pound) bell, and the second I did with a 36 kg (80 pound) bell. When you do this complex, I suggest that you take your 6 rep max for dumbbell overhead presses as your working weight. And since this is a strength complex, you can rest upto 3 minutes between rounds, to be able to work with the heaviest weight!

The next complex was a kettlebell complex, with the focus on conditioning and endurance building. These type of complexes are very popular in kettlebell classes all over the world, as they really test your conditioning and help to burn bodyfat. The kettlebell complex was for a total of 3 minutes each round, and went like this:

1 minute hand to hand swings
30 seconds (left, right) snatches
30 seconds (left, right) lunges

I do not count the reps for the swings, as I focus on time for these. For the snatches and lunges, in the first round I went @ 6 reps , and in the second I went @ 8. I deliberately went at a relatively slower pace, as I am trying to practice pacing for long sets. When you do these complexes, focus on completing the time for the swings, and for the snatch and lunges set a rep speed before you begin. And like me if you finish your assigned reps before the 30 seconds are up, just rest the bell at the top or rack position, depending on the exercise, so that you build endurance. Keep the rest between rounds to 60-90 seconds for best results.

And finally as a finisher, I did 4 rounds of 1 minute rope jumping, immediately followed by 30 seconds of 1 hand swings for both left and right. So that was my workout today, I got a lot of work done in very little time, and very few equipment. Have a look at it in the video below, and maybe you might even want to give it a try. In that case, do let me know how it went for you.

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