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06.06.2012 workout (strength supersets)

Today's workout began with a strength superset- dumbbell snatches and kettlebell renegade rows. In the first set I snatched 40 kgs or 88 pounds, and in the second set I snatched 45 kgs or 99 pounds. The reps were low, 3 and 2 respectively. This was supersetted with kb renegade rows. I rowed 2 stacked kb's- 21.5 and 12 kgs = 33.5 kgs or approx 74 pounds. Since I am still new to stacked renegade rows, I tend to do them with hips higher than usual. As I get better with the stacked bells, I should be able to do them with the hips at normal height.

After this I did a 5 minute kettlebell complex. And finally I finished off with 3 sets of an abdominal exercise on the Swiss ball. It was a combination of a push up with a jacknife. For those of you who do crunches and other easy ab exercises on the Swiss ball, give this a try for some real ab work.

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