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1st year completion and 25 must read posts

As the month of July begins, so does the second year of this blog. Yes, this blog was officially launched on 1st July 2011, and so far its been a pleasure for me to be able to connect and communicate with you via this blog. And based on the reviews and feedback that I have got so far its only been positive words that I have received. People from different continents have written to me describing the benefits that the messages from this blog has had on their health and fitness. And let me tell you, no matter how many times I read it, its always a pleasure to hear a word of appreciation from the readers of this blog. Plus, its not just kind words, the blog even won an award from in the past year.

Actually I had entered the online world in 2010 with another site, but that did not quite turn out the way I wanted it to be. A major reason was the fact that I was new to all this, and had very little knowledge about how to make a useful site. I did have the training and fitness knowledge, but my lack of online skills made my first site an unsatisfactory one for me. So I decided to restart and make something better and more useful, and thus this new blog was started. And till now it has been very much upto my expectations and one that I intend to keep improving and updating regularly.

As the blog begins its second year I plan to make it even better by adding more useful content like articles, videos, etc. And hopefully you will stay connected and continue to visit and read or watch the latest content to help improve your strength and fitness levels. So if you still have not, then I suggest that you connect with me via Facebook, Twitter, or you can simply have the posts delivered to your email by signing up for free in the sign up box at the top right corner of this page. And yes, if you have any suggestions or questions feel free to drop me an email at

Now as you can see that in the last year I have posted a lot, and maybe you have missed out on some of them or are new to this blog so have not had a chance to read them. While I do believe that you can read the all the posts here and will also benefit from it, I do know that its a lot of information to go through straight away. So I have selected 25 must read posts from the last year (it was tough selecting them), and suggest that you begin with these first:

4 common back training mistakes

Lessons from the Biggest loser contest

3 reasons why you are not getting bigger

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The 6 basics of a good nutrition plan

How to get a 300 warrior body

Natural bodybuilding for regular guys

5 strength training myths in martial arts 

How to lose weight without counting calories

Tom Platz solution for big legs

10 reasons why you must lift weights to lose fat

Simplifying mass and strength training for beginners

5 conditioning training myths in martial arts

Do negative calorie foods work

7 best exercises for building strength and muscle

A guide to basic stretching

4 myths about kettlebell training

30 best muscle building foods

3 famous quotes from Bruce Lee applied to strength and fitness training

10 tips to gain mass in the new year

10 tips to get stronger

Cardio kickboxing guide for beginners

Should you do cardio OR weights to lose fat

Avoid these 3 common mistakes made with 5x5 training

Can you get ripped abs with 3 short workouts a week

And yes, please do be sure to read the interviews that have been published so far. It has been my good fortune to have had some real big names and experts in our industry to come and share their invaluable knowledge with all of us, so make sure to benefit from it.

And last but not the least, I would like to thank everyone who took a moment to share the posts from this blog on various social networking sites, their own site, gave a "Like" on Facebook, wrote an email of appreciation, etc. Please do know that it is all highly appreciated by me, and is a driving force for me to keep going on with this blog.

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