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3 bodyweight workout finishers to try

Bodyweight exercises are great, and they can be cruel when you do them as "finishers" after a strength training workout. Yet, there are still many people out there who have never experienced this great way to train, and still prefer to stick to easier cardio machine options, when they could get better results in much lesser time. So if you are ready to feel the extreme discomfort of sweating and getting your heart rate up, then try these three bodyweight workout finishers that are guaranteed to to test you:

Finisher 1 - Countdowns

These include doing one or two exercises together in a countdown fashion, that means you do lesser reps with each set. Here are two choices for you to try-

Option 1) Hindu push ups or regular push ups  superset with  bodyweight squats

Start with 10 reps for each, and go in the following order 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Take about 15-60 seconds rest between each superset and time yourself to see how long it took you to complete the whole thing. In the next workout try to beat that time. And when you can do all the sets with no rest in between, you will definitely be in great shape.

Option 2) Burpees

Just like the superset option you can do this single exercise in the countdown manner. That would be 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps. To maximize this exercise be sure to drop down to the down position of a push up  when you thrust your feet back and do a push up when you get up. If you want to make this tougher then you can do it with a medicine ball. For this keep a medicine ball infront of you and go down as usual, and when you get up grab the ball and press it up overhead with the jump. Believe me this one exercise can be a real difference maker.

Finisher 2 - Circuits

Aah! The good old circuits. If you have done any amount of conditioning/fat loss training then circuits is something that you will be well aware of. The best circuits are the ones that focus on working the whole body and work you hard. Here are two choices for you to choose from-

Option 1)

Push ups- 10
Step ups- 8 each leg
5 pull ups
20 mountain climbers

Do 3- 5 rounds with 60-120 seconds rest in between rounds

Option 2) 

T-push ups
Squats- 15-20
Inverted rows- 6-10
Pike walk- 5

Do 3- 5 rounds with 60-120 seconds rest in between rounds

Finisher 3 - Outdoor workouts

For these workouts you will need to be in an outdoor area like a park or a playing field or atleast be in an indoor  area where you can sprint for a distance of 50+ yards. For the workout do the two following supersets:

Superset 1) Bear walk for 40 yards then sprint back to the starting point. Rest for 15-60 seconds and repeat for another 2-4 rounds

Superset 2) Crab walk backwards for 25-30 yards then lunge walk back to the starting point. Rest for 15-60 seconds and repeat for another 2-4 rounds

Once you try them you will know for sure how effective they can be. The best thing to do is to rotate between these workout options from time to time to keep it interesting. However do keep in mind that if you are a beginner and these finishers work you so hard that your main workout will be compromised the next time, then you are better off avoiding it. If not then have fun doing these workouts and see how they help you get better conditioned. 

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