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Kettlebell complex ladder workout (20.06.2012)

When it comes to conditioning and technique practice with kettlebells, doing complexes in ladder style is hard to beat. Like any other complex you do multiple exercises in a row without keeping the bell down, and work in varying rep ranges to be able to work on your technique without burning out.

So without further delay here is my workout from Wednesday which you can also do to work on your conditioning and kettlebell technique. The workout consists of ladder rounds, and each ladder round consists on 3, 4, 5 reps. Here are the exercises and the sequence of the complex:

1 arm swing
1 arm swing (opposite arm)
1 arm snatch
1 arm snatch (opposite  arm )
1 arm clean and press/jerk
1 arm clean and press/jerk (opposite  arm )
1 arm front rack squat
1 arm front rack squat (opposite  arm )

So for the first set in a ladder you will do 3 reps, then after resting 45-60 seconds you will do 4 reps , and again after a rest you will do 5 reps for each exercise. That is one ladder round. Then after resting 1-2 minutes do another 2-4 ladder rounds to get a complete workout. If you are relatively new to kb training and still not very confident with your form, then you can do lower reps in each round like 2, 3, 4 or even 1, 2, 3.

Here is a video of one ladder round to give you a better idea:

So give this workout a try, and see how you can improve your conditioning and technique in a simple workout. You can also do this as an off day recovery workout. In that case keep it to no more than 2 ladder rounds. And always be sure to work with a kettlebell that is suitable for your skill and strength levels.

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