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Off day recovery workout (08.06.2012)

While some people get a massage on off days (which is a good idea), there are many who really enjoy a light recovery workout on an off day to feel better and to recover faster. Remember, that the more number of times you do a workout and feel pumped, and in charge, the better your hormonal profile is likely to be. On the other hand, if your workouts are making you excessively sore, too tired, basically too beat up in the following days, then you are overtraining, and are better off cutting back on your program.

So for those who are having some very productive workouts, some form of light workout on your off days is a good idea, to help recover, feel better, and get burn some extra calories. In my case, I try to workout 3-4 times a week, and when possible try to get an extra one or two recovery workouts in the week. These are generally bodyweight workouts with some kettebells and/or jump rope thrown in. Thus today being an "off day" for me, I decided to do a recovery workout. It was a basic circuit workout consisting of 3 exercises, in the following order:

5 Hindu push ups
10 bodyweight squat
10 double swings

I did these for a total of 10 rounds, and with 30-40 seconds rest in between rounds. As you can understand the recovery workout also had a good conditioning effect on me. So first have a look at the video of the workout, it includes the first 3 rounds:

The volume of this workout comes to 250 reps. This could be a bit too many reps for some folks, if recovery is the focus of the workout. In my case, since I am relatively new to double swings, they were a bit challenging for me, and thus in the last 5 rounds (not in the video) I had to limit to medium high swings. However on the other hand, the push ups and squats were very refreshing for me. For those who might find 250 reps a bit too much for a recovery workout, here are 2 modifications that I suggest:

  • do a total of 5 rounds, and thus only 125 reps
  • take 15-30 seconds rest in between each exercise in the circuit, rather than do all 3 non stop

On the other hand if fat loss or conditioning is the goal, then one can do this workout, post strength training, and the 250 reps will have a great effect. As a challenge, try to get this done in as little time as possible, and try to beat that time in future workouts. So give this workout a try and let me know how it went for you.

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