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A regular Saturday of fun

While most people begin a Saturday as a holiday, mine begins with work. And mind you, since I love my work, its the best way to begin a weekend for me. The first order of business on a Saturday morning for me these days is a group that I teach kettlebells at a nearby club. The best part is that this group consists of some very hard working and motivated individuals, which makes it an even greater pleasure to go for work for me. So today I decided to record some clips from the workout, and share with you some ideas on how to train with kettlebells in a group. The video below begins with the group doing wave loading rounds of snatches. Now keep in mind that these guys have been training with kb's only for a little over a month, so their form may not be perfect but they surely know how to work hard. The snatches are followed by wave loading rounds for renegade rows. And finally we do a finisher circuit, take a look-

Next up is my own training in the evening with my training part Rahul. Unfortunately I injured my left elbow earlier in the week and thus could not do the regular workout. So I decided to try something fun, I decided to try and do 100 kb swings and 100 bodyweight squats in under 6 minutes. Before beginning I thought why not try to do it in under 5 minutes, but well in the end I managed to get in just in under 6 minutes (5.57 seconds).

And finally since my left arm was not in a position to train, I decided to do some explosive 1 arm dumbbell rows with my right hand. This is a version that is part inspired my Kroc rows, and thus is done for high reps. And instead of keeping a crushed grip all the time, I actually try to throw the bell up and open my grip to catch it again at the top. This way I can continue to be explosive and not let my grip become a limiting factor. Did 20 reps with 112 pounds for 1 set. I have just begun doing this a few weeks back, so will try this for some more time to see what kind of results it can offer. So far it seems to be helping in developing some good explosive pulling strength. 

Well so that was my eventful Saturday, hope you guys have a great weekend too.

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