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5 useless fat loss equipment that you should never use

If I got a penny for everytime I met or saw someone who uses a worthless workout equipment, then by now I would be.......very rich! And I can only imagine what amount of money the creators of those equipment could be making. Its all very simple, make a late night infomercial and feature hot a hot looking lady and/or guy, and make these promises-

"with this you do not have to diet and can eat whatever you want",

"you just need 10 minutes three times a week"

"you can use this while watching TV, and you will never miss your favorite TV show ever again"

"anyone from 9-90 can use this"

And of course do not forget to feature multiple "testimonials" from successful users, who constantly mention that, "I tried everything before this product and worked out for hours a day but got no results. And now with this I hardly feel like I am working out and yet the results are better than what I had expected"! And with that you are sure to have many short cut lovers do not wish to work hard or make sacrifices who will instantly make a call and place an order. What is more surprising is that very often the same customer will keep falling for these ads again and again instead of getting off the couch, and actually trying to work hard and eat better.

Now I can understand if you have no knowledge and experience about working out and fall for a crap product, but if someone keeps falling for the short cut promises again and again, then its not acceptable. So to help you choose better, and to stay away from worthless equipment, I will share some examples of training equipment that you should not purchase and never use:

1) Twister machinewhile it may feel fun to stand on a twister machine and twist away, however as far as fat loss or loss of inches from the waist is concerned, it is useless! Yet, this equipment is still found in many gyms across the world and many line up to use it hoping for the much sought after spot reduction. While this equipment might have a small benefit for joint mobility purposes, you can get better results from other exercises.

2) Sauna belt- not sure who came up with the idea that sitting in a sauna room is a great way to burn fat, but  I have got to admire the brains of the guy who came up with the idea of a sauna belt. I mean it cannot get any better for the lazy fat boy, all you gotta do is wrap a belt around the 50+ inch waist, sit back and let the belt burn off the fat from your trouble areas without you having to move a single muscle. No offense, but when will these retards ever get it that sweat is not fat, and the phrase "sweating it out" means working out and not just sweating it due to the heat!

3) Shake weight- forget push ups, forget pull ups, the ultimate arm toner is here, the shake weight! All you got to do is "turn on" the vibrator, oops, I meant the shake weight and let it vibrate away your fat and give you lean and tight arms. This will work our lazy fat boy a little harder than the sauna belt, so maybe he might not like it as much. Now I know that there are many opinions about the shake weight out there, but I think the video below will give you the perfect idea about exactly how seriously you can expect to lose fat depending on a shake weight:

4) Ab vibrating machine- not sure if this belly trimmer is still around, but the first gym that I ever joined 12 years back had one such piece of junk. And it was also a very sought after machine, but as you may have guessed it that it was useless for those who used it. So if you ever find this in any modern day gym then I suggest that you run for the nearest exit. 

5) Ultra light dumbbells- a while back I did a post on real dumbbell training for strength and muscle building, but hey, when we are talking about fat loss and especially high "power" aerobic classes, then 2 pounds is more than enough, after all we dont want to bulk up...yikes! Well I dont really know where to begin with this one, so let me just share something that happened yeterday. During a training session with a female client in the morning, the client complained about doing dumbbell military presses. Her complaint was that with all the weight training (she never lifts less than 10 pounds in any exercise), her arms are becoming leaner and now she wants more focus on her legs. Now let me mention that I always work equally on the lower as well as the upper body, but with some people the upper body results appear faster, while with others the lower body results come faster. Anyways so I suggested that we do some more heavy barbell squats, and she agreed instantly. 

Now the thing that I want you to note is that this is the same woman who repeatedly asked me "are you sure that weight training will not bulk me up, cause I dont want big muscular arms" when I told her to buy weights in the beginning. And now when the same person is ready to go heavier in an instant, then you know what works, ultra light bells or real challenging weights. Oh, and by the way do not be convinced by the anorexic chic who tells you that she lost tons of weight using only light dumbbells, that is unless you want to live the rest of your life  eating only some celery, lettuce, and carrot.

But if you want to burn real fat, and most importantly are willing to work hard and make some sacrifices, then just stick to these 5 time tested basics that never fail:

  • Cut down on junk, sugary, oily and refined foods. Also limit alcohol consumption
  • Increase consumption of protein, fiber and healthy fats, and have lots of water each day
  • Avoid radical diets that call for banning an entire food group. Instead follow a diet plan that gives you a good variety from all food groups and does not create any nutritional deficiencies
  • Working out often should be a no brainer! Sitting around all day and watching the latest hardcore training video does not burn a single pound of fat on your body, rather start by doing some exercise atleast 5 days a a week. Not all sessions have to be hardcore, mix up some lighter workouts with harder ones. The key is to get moving and to make your workouts progressively harder
  • Keep stress levels in check, and get as close as possible to 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Failing to do so will result in a poor hormonal balance, and a tendency to easily gain fat

Short cuts are cool, but not all things have a short cut. Some things like fat loss require a certain amount of effort on your part, so make that effort and you will be glad that you did so.

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