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Double kettlebell finisher complex (25.07.2012)

The best finishers are the ones that are done fast and work you hard. Its not supposed to be a post workout cardio where you keep going slowly for a long time, rather go hard and take no more than 10 minutes for best results. And if you have access to double kettlebells then you can do a great finisher that will really challenge you, which is what my workout finisher was today. So far I have mostly used single kettlebells for finishers and complexes, but for today's finisher I tried my hand with double bells, and I can tell you that it is definitely a lot harder!

Here is the finisher I did post my regular workout with two 16 kg kettlebells

2 rounds of:

30 seconds swings
30 seconds press
30 seconds bent over rows
30 seconds alternating lunges

Rest 60-90 seconds between rounds

The key is to try and get as many reps as you can in that time. And believe me, its a lot tougher than it looks when you try to go fast with double kettlebells. I mean even the 16's worked me much harder than what I had expected. Of course in your case take a weight that is suitable for your skill and strength levels, and if you want then you can also change the order of the exercises as per your wish.

If you are not  yet comfortable training with a single kettlebell then dont try this with double bells. The better choice for you would be to do it with a single bell and change hands every 15 seconds and go hard. If you are really fit then you can also do a third round to challenge yourself, or move to heavier bells. So give this quick finisher a try and let me know how it went for you.

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