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Kettlebell swings post strength workout cardio

Ok so you have just finished the strength training part of your workout, and now want a whole body cardio workout that involves a fair amount of strength too. Well, if you have a kettlebell in sight then you have a great option, the good old kettlebell swing! Yes, its one of those few options that can work your cardiovascular system while also working both the upper and lower body together. And the great thing is that it is a non impact activity, so anyone with lower body joint issues can also do it. The only thing is that it can be a bit boring to do just one form of swing continuously for too long.

The solution then is to vary the swings that you do so that it remains fun and also challenging. So in this workout you will focus on three different types of swings that will keep things interesting. And just like any other good form of interval cardio you will take a small break when going from one variety to the other. Here is how the workout will go:

30-45 seconds double swings
15-30 seconds rest
30-45 seconds hand to hand swings
15-30 seconds rest
30-45 seconds two hand swings

Repeat the above sequence for another 1-2 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds. You can also change the sequence of the swings if you would like to.

One thing that I would suggest is that if you have the option then you should vary between bells of different size to make it more interesting and challenging. For eg in the above video I did the double swings with two 16 kgs, hand to hand swings with a 22 kg, and two hand swings with a 32 kg. Of course in your case take bells that are suitable for your fitness and technique levels. And if you are wondering, then yes you can also do this as a standalone cardio workout on your non strength training days. In that case I would suggest that you do more total rounds like 4-5 to get more work done. However do keep in mind that if you are just beginning and have not learnt the swing form properly then you may want to keep the duration and reps low. Besides that give this workout a try and see how one simple exercise can be fun and also highly effective!

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