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2 bodyweight finishers for greater fat burning

Anytime you decide to do real, challenging bodyweight workouts, be ready to feel the pain! Honestly speaking, except for some very lightweight folks, most will find that bodyweight workouts can really help their conditioning levels go to a much higher level in a very short amount of time. And if you can add some resistance via kettlebells, suspension straps, or dumbbells, then the results are further multiplied.

For this post, we will stick to pure bodyweight exercises to get a great finisher for your workouts. These finishers can be done in the gym or outside as you will not require any pull up bars, etc. So here you go, give these two finishers a try after one of your regular strength sessions:

Finisher #14 rounds of the following circuit with 30 seconds rest after completing one full round

20 seconds double leg mountain climbers
20 seconds jumping jacks
20 seconds lunge walk or stationery lunges

Finisher #2: Do as many round of the following circuit as you can in 3 minutes. 

6 burpees
6 T push ups 
6 lunge jumps

If you are up for it, then do another 3 minutes round after resting for a minute

So there you have two hardcore workout finishers that do not take a long time to complete, and require no extra equipment. All they require is for you to be ready to work real hard and push through the pain barrier!

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