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Strong & Fit 2013

Saturday the 13th of April was the date for a very special event in the city of Kolkata. An event that gave trainees a chance to show their strength and fitness levels, and compete with others who share the same passion. After the Kolkata kettlebell meet held earlier in January, top coach Ranadeep Moitra came up with the idea to do something bigger, which would be focused on overall strength and fitness levels. Thus we came up with the idea of Strong & Fit, which would involve 3 events, of which one would be a barbell lift, one dumbbell lift, and one bodyweight event. The venue would be his large studio, Endorphins at the Calcutta Rowing Club. For this event we had three categories: men's, women's and under-15. The events that we chose were:

1) 5 rep max deadlift
2) Double dumbbell overhead lift
3) 5 minutes burpees

You can get the details about the rules and the scoring system by clicking here. And unlike the kettlebell meet, this time we were going to give away prizes for the top three positions.  

On the day of the event a total of 23 participants showed up, and gave it their best. Our goal with this event was to encourage the "regular" guy and girl to come forward and compete. Also, with this event we wanted to help form a strong community of strength and fitness enthusiasts in Kolkata, that would keep motivating others to working hard on their health and fitness. And I feel that we did make a good start in this regard.

The performances were overall good, and some were great! For me personally the deadlift performance of 10 year old Varenya, was the most inspirational. At a bodyweight  of only 36.8 kgs, this little girl deadlifted 40 kgs for 5 reps. If that is not impressive, then consider this, till half a decade back most adult men in the city did not deadlift, and even when they did, it would be much lesser than their bodyweight. So to see this 10 year old girl lift 40 kgs, was for me a sign that the strength standards of the city has gone up. 

Even among the adults, there were some great deadlift performances. Two women lifted almost 1.5 times their bodyweight, and 3 men did more than double their bodyweight. And remember, these were done for 5 reps and not for one rep as is done in most powerlifting contests. Plus, no one wore a lifting belt or a lifting suit for their lifts. So that is quite impressive!. 

The double dumbbell overhead lift saw a very close finish among the men, with all the top 3 being separated by just the fraction of a point. One rep here and there and the final results could have been so different. Similarly in the women's burpees, the first and second position was separated by just one single repetition! That is how close it got, and just shows how competitive the participants were. 

At the end of the day, as organizers we were quite happy with how the event went, and will make this an annual event in the month of April. So if you happen to be in the city of Kolkata around that time then do feel free to come down and take part. We would love to have you compete! In the end, I would like to thank all the officials and participants who made the day successful, and gave us a year's worth of motivation. You all played your part, and made the event special. You can check out the final results sheet of the participants by clicking here

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