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Three Simple Steps to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Guest post by- Mike Manning

Few habits are as important to develop as eating healthy and developing a consistent workout plan.  No matter one’s level of fitness, it is always important to get as much exercise as possible, within reason, and to stick to these plans every single week.  With the CDC now claiming that all adults need a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate to intense exercise per week, it may seem as if traveling and health living do not go hand in hand.  Luckily, airports, hotels, and other companies focused on travelers are now listening to their customers and making health and fitness easier than ever while on the move. Here are three simple tips that any traveler can use to take their fitness routine with them.

The first step of this process is to plan ahead by researching both hotels and airports.  Many of these locations now offer robust gyms or even open areas in which individuals can perform their own routines. On a recent trip to Maui I was able to book a hotel that had a 24-hour gym by doing a little research on a travel site. It was very easy to find a list of Maui hotels that I could scroll through in order to find the right one for me.  For those that fail to plan ahead, however, many travelers may not realize these options exist until it is too late.  This is especially important for locations such as airports in which travelers may have hours of time with very little to do

The second thing to consider is the foods that one eats while they are traveling.  The words diet and exercise are often said with one another, but few realize just how important a structured diet is to a robust and effective exercise.  Unhealthy food items are exceptionally easy to get in airports or hotel cafes, and this is why everyone should plan to bring extra snacks or even research their destination for restaurants and cafes that will fit their diet.

The final tip is to always plan for the unexpected.  No matter how many preparations are made, even the most experienced travelers could arrive at their hotel only to find that the gym has been shut down or is not open during their free time.  By packing an extra pair of comfortable clothes and shoes, even a small amount of space in a hotel room could turn into a yoga studio.  The main point here is to take advantage of the resources you have in order to keep healthy on your trip.

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