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Should women train with light 5 pound kettlebells

You dont need heavy weights to get results (read fat loss)! Or do you? As more and more kettlebell programs targeting women keep coming up all the time, its amazing to see what is on offer at times. The good ones out there talk about the good old principles like progressive overload, compound exercises, etc. While some others come out with fancy exercises that are supposed to hit hard on flabby arms, and some even ask you to train with super light kettlebells. I am talking about as low as 5 pounds!

Yeah right, those women in the above two videos were all saved by the bell, meaning they were overhweight by 20, 30 pounds or more, and that those tiny bells came to their rescue and helped them lose all the unwanted weight. I mean if next time Lego came up with a kettlebell shaped toy for kids, then I am to assume that even that will help us to shape up?

Look, a fully grown adult woman is NOT as weak as some of these videos might have you believe. And when exercising, whether it be a man or woman, a challenging weight is a must if it has to deliver any real results. Without a challenging weight, and thus a challenging intensity, your body will just not be forced to come out of its comfort zone to make any changes.

"But I dont want to bulk up, and just want to do some cardio to lose weight"! Ok, then go do some sprints, join a bootcamp, jump rope, do kickboxing, but dont do imaginary weight training. If you want real results then do the real thing, not some scaled down, worthless program that has been promoted by great marketing. The fact of the matter is that men and women who have actually lost weight by lifting kettlebells (along with a good diet), have all done so by lifting much more than 5 pounds.

Infact some women who participate in Girevoy, the kettlebell sport, actually lift as much as a 53 pound kettlebell continuously for 10 minutes. And some of them put up numbers that even a lot of men will struggle to put up. Take for example the video below of Ksenia Dedykhina doing 178 snatches with 24 kgs:

Oh, and by the way, does she look fat or all pumped with too much muscles to you? I mean if she were to walk down the road wearing regular casual cloting, you would probably not even realize that this woman is so strong. let alone a kettlebell champion. Again, you need real weights for real results.

Below are some more videos of fit women lifting some pretty heavy kettlebells. Check out for yourself what you can be like if you lift more than 5 pound kettlebells:

And just in case you thought that only adult women should lift more than 5 pounds, then check out the videos below of girls below 15 years lifting kettlebells:

Now if some woman feels that these some of these are extreme examples, and not what she can achieve, then she might have a valid point to some extent. I mean I am not saying that EVERY woman can snatch a 32 kg kettlebell or do a Turkish get up with it, but the idea is that you can get a lot stronger than what you are, and not just be restricted to light bells. Even if getting stronger is not your goal, you still need decent weights to get any results. Do not get misled by marketing scams that target lazy individuals and promise great results with no real effort. Anything worthwhile in life requires a lot of effort, and a desire to push yourself harder.

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