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Challenging finishers to try this week

For a lot of people these days, a workout never feels complete unless they have done a brutal 5-10 minute finisher! The feeling of gasping for air, and sweating like crazy, are signs that the workout was successful. So, if you are looking for a challenge to end your workouts, then give the following finishers a try:

Bodyweight option:

Do the following circuit for 3 rounds, and rest 30-60 seconds between each round:

a) Jump squats- 30 seconds
b) T-push up- 30 seconds
c) Mountain climbers- 30 seconds

Kettlebell option:

Do the following exercises without keeping the bell down, and then repeat another 2 times with 1 minute rest between rounds:

a) 6 swings
b) 6 cleans
c) 6 press/push press
d) 6 front squats
Repeat with the other arm


3) Barbell and bodyweight option: 

Do the following circuit for 5 rounds and rest 15-30 seconds between each round:

a) Barbell hang snatch- 5 reps
b) Burpee with a push up and a tuck jump- 5-10 reps

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