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4 healthy resolutions to follow this year

First of all, let me wish you a very happy new year, and the best wishes for 2014! No matter how 2013 was for you, you now have a chance to restart and make things better this year. Its just the start, but how you begin is likely to have a big impact on how you do from now on. And as usual this is also the time that new year resolutions become a big topic. If you believe in making new year resolutions, then I have 4 simple suggestions for you. Mind you, they are simple but not necessarily easy to follow. And while most healthy resolutions tend to be based on " I wont", I am asking you to focus on "I will".

1) I will workout 3 times a week- yes, there are bigger goals on everyone's mind like fat loss, muscle gain, strength gain, etc etc. But it all starts by making sure that you workout regularly. And while in an ideal world, or if you are an athlete, then working out 6 times a week is a reality, but for most of us 3 times a week is the best best that we have keeping our work and family commitments in mind. Even if you intend to train 5-6 times a week at some point in the future, starting with 3 sessions a week will get you ready, both physically and mentally to train more frequently later on. Remember, even 3 sessions a week is a total of 150 plus workouts in the year, and that is a lot of training to see visible changes.

2) I will keep a healthier alternative for my sugar cravings- if you have a sugar craving, then you have a sugar craving, and that is that! To say that you will cut out all types of sugar in your diet, when sugar has been a big part of your life, is unlikely to happen overnight. A better approach is to replace the current sugars in your diet with healthier choices. For eg you can replace sugary soft drinks with green tea or home made fruit juice. Similarly adding more fruits in your diet is a healthier alternative to sweets. It is important that you prepare for the sugar cravings by stocking your fridge, office desk or any other place where you generally consume sugar with healthier alternatives.

3) I will sleep atleast 6 hours each night- ok, I know that 6 hours is not what most experts suggest. Most will ask you to get 8-10 hours a night of shut eye for best results. While this maybe possible for some, for the majority of us it will not be possible to make that much time for sleep each night. Having said that, if you sleep 4 hours a night and watch TV or surf the net for 4 hours before that, then you can easily get another 3 hours of sleep each night. Make sleep a priority, and you will be less sleepy throughout the day, and be far more productive and happier.

4) I will do one de-stressing activity each day- stress is one of the biggest causes of deteriorating health in the modern times. Excess stress can build up in your system very sneakily and quickly and do a lot of damage. Thus it is important to do atleast one de-stressing activity each day. One of the best ways to do so is to exercises. It does not have be intense like your workouts, but even moderate intensity exercises like walking will work. Similarly playing some sport, playing with your kids are also great active alternatives. Besides active choices, you also have options like meditation, reading, cooking, etc. Make sure that you make some time in your schedule daily for one such option.

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