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Kolkata Kettlebell Meet 2014

Kolkata kettlebell meet 2014 was much bigger than what I had expected! While KKM 2013 was a great experience, and was the start, KKM 2014 took things to a much higher level. It had it all, hard competition, great performances, glamour, celebs, high energy levels and everything else that you want at a sporting event. Yes indeed, Saturday the 11th of January 2014 was a special day for kettlebell lovers in the city.

This year we decided to conduct KKM as a proper competition with first, second and third places rather than just an exhibition event with no winners like we did in 2013. The scoring system was simple, the number of reps would be multiplied by the coefficient of the kettlebell weight, and the result would be divided by the bodyweight of the lifter to get the final score. We had three main lifts, 1 arm clean and press, 1 arm press, and 1 arm snatch. To keep things simple, we allowed the participants to do a push press or jerk in the clean & press and press events. Overall we had 22 participants, which is more than double of what we had last year. There were 18 male and 4 female lifters. 

All the lifters gave their best, and put up a nice show. It was nice to see people with different levels of experience come forward and step up on the platform. And participant was cheered on by the present crowd. The winners in the men's category were Sayantan Majumder, Bijoy Shom, and Hari Das Naskar in the 1 Arm Clean & press, 1 Arm press and 1 Arm snatch events. The women's category was dominated by Tollywood actress Ushasie Chakraborty who won the gold in both the 1 Arm Press and 1 Arm snatch events. The prizes were given to the winners by MMA coach Sensei Partha Sarthi Sarkar

After the main events, we had a surprise event for the men. It was a 3 minute burpee to clean & press with a 16 kg kettlebell. In this event, the participants had to do a burpee and on the way up do a clean and press with a 16 kg kettlebell. The participant with the highest number of reps would be the winner. It was nice to see how the participants pushed hard in this surprise event, which we had not mentioned about during the promotion for KKM. After all, it was suppose to be a surprise. The winner in  this event was Sumit Thapa who did a total of 41 reps in the 3 minute time limit. 

As an organizer and a judge, I was extremely pleased at how the day went. We had a lot of positive energy, and excitement throughout the day, which made for a memorable experience. Encouraged by the response that we got this time, we are already thinking of some major developments for KKM 2015 and making it bigger. Of course, it will need greater planning and preparation, but we are ready for it.

I would like to finish by thanking all those who made KKM 2014 a success. I would like to thank Ranadeep Moitra, who has been the reason why KKM was possible, as he offered his big studio as the venue and all the help that we needed to run the event. His enthusiasm to see higher standards of fitness in the country has been a great motivator for fitness professionals like myself who have come in contact with him and learnt a lot. I would also like to thank my co-judges Rahul Mandapaka and Rajiv Sculler who helped out with a lot of other official work besides the judging. They were impartial, and fair to all the participants, which helped to avoid any controversies. A big thanks also goes out to Md. Ali Akhtar who was the time keeper for the event, and Prajna Dutta who was incharge of the video and photo coverage for the event. And last but not the least, I would like to thank everyone of you who supported the event by attending it, or by spreading the word about it online or offline. You all made KKM a success, and without your help it would not be worth talking about. I hope that you will continue to support us in the future as you have done till now. 

You can check out the detailed results of each of the participants by clicking here

To watch the videos of KKM 2014 click here

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