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February- 5 Minutes Online Kettlebell Competition

In January I had written a post on how one of the best ways to take your physique and fitness to a higher level is to take part in competitions, With that in mind, me and my good friend Samrat Sen have put together a 5 minutes online competition for kettlebell enthusiasts this February. The goal of this 5 minute competition is to give motivation to kettlebell lovers to train hard with a purpose and to create a closer community of kettlebell lifters, worldwide. 

This competition will give you an opportunity to evaluate your progress, technique and help increase your confidence level. This will also be a good chance to prepare for any live competitions in the future.

To take part in this virtual competition, you will need to do a 5 minute set with a kettlebell anywhere between 8-32 kgs in your chosen discipline/s and video it. Edit your video and post it on this Facebook page and write your name, country, Bodyweight, discipline, KB weight, total reps and score. If you are not on Facebook, then you can simply email me your video link along with the required information. The final date for sending in your entry is 3rd March, 2014.

You can choose any or all the disciplines from the following list and take multiple attempts. Your best effort will be taken into the final tally.

GS disciplines:

5 min Snatch (men & women- 1kb & 1 hand switch only)
5 min Long Cycle (women- 1kb & 1 hand switch only, men- 2KB)
5 min Jerk (women- 1kb & 1 hand switch only, men- 2KB)

Variety discipline

5 minutes 1 arm Clean & Press (women & men use 1 kb & multi hand switches allowed)

The athlete with the highest points wins in his/her weight class. In case of a tie, the lighter athlete wins.

Score = Reps x KB coefficient

KB coefficient
8kg: *0,5
12kg: *0,75
16kg: *1
20kg: *1,5
24kg: *2
28kg: *3
32kg: *4
Since not everyone will have access to competition kettlebells, use what you have.

So for example if someone does 50 jerks with 20 kgs, then their score will be:
50 x 1.5 (coefficient) = 75

Weight classes

up to 68 kg.
68-73 kg.
73-78 kg.
78-85 kg.
85-95 kg.
Over 95 kg.

Up to 58 kg.
58-63 kg.
63-68 kg.
Over 68 kg.


The main rules of kettlebell sport are applicable.

For double kettlebell jerk (also LC) both arms must come out to lockout at the same time in one motion.

Push presses are allowed in the 1 arm Clean & Press to simplify things.

Setting the kettlebell(s) down or on the shoulders terminates the set.

For snatch, dropping into a half snatch (rack position) must be followed by switching sides or stopping the set if the switch has been done.

Extra swings between reps (snatch, LC, 1 arm LC) are not allowed.

Touching the kettlebell with a free hand must be followed by a hand switch or it terminates the set if the switch has already occurred.

Knees and elbows must be clearly visible.

You compete at your own risk, so use common sense.

Edit your video and write your name, country, Bodyweight, discipline, KB weight, total reps and score. Upload Your video between 10th February and 3rd March 2014 on this facebook page or email me your video link along with the required information. Feel free to ask questions if you have any doubts.

* Please feel free to invite your friends or anybody you know who is into Kettlebells and would like to participate.

Wish you the very best!

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