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In an industry where the TRUE focus of most is to "become rich" vs. actually helping the client, it's refreshing to see individuals like Arnav Sarkar out there... Arnav believes in basic, "tried and true" training principles that have helped many people reach their weight loss, muscle/strength goals vs. quick fix training programs that are nothing more than marketing hype. It is for this reason, I associate myself with Arnav.

- Sean Casey, Founder of CasePerformance

As a busy husband, father and pastor, I am always looking for good, clear, encouraging resources around fitness and nutrition. I have found that at I first came across Arnav Sarkar's work in January 2011 when he wrote a guest article for Sincere Hogan's New Warrior Training blog entitled "A Tabata Approach to Kettlebells and BodyweightTraining." As a kettlebell practitioner myself, that article caught my eye, and ever since, I take note and read everything Arnav produces. In my experience, he writes with knowledge, clarity and humility, qualities I look for in a teacher and mentor. If you want someone who takes what he has learned, boils it down with clarity, and has the ability to cut through the oft-confusing jungle of the fitness and nutrition world, I highly recommend this young man to you. Blessings!

- Gary McGhee

Still on the Bruce Lee regiment as outlined in your articleI have made nice gains in strength and put on 5lbs, all the while maintaining my punch/kick/cardio by following that end of the programA friend who is on the P90X program is constantly complaining that he is too tired from it to work on even minimum MA skills.

As always, thanks.

BTW I was able to Bench 225 for 6 the other day

- John Jacobs

I have competed in various body building championships including national, and secured topmost positions. Being a natural bodybuilder I am proud to say that without Arnav Sarkar I could never reach such top levels. Together he and I have relied on intense training, a sound diet, a good lifestyle to achieve my fabulous results.

I came across a lot of trainers before working with Arnav, but I found Arnav to be totally different and better than the rest. He is very enthusiastic about my training and always pushes me to give my best effort during my workouts. When I began with him I was far from competition shape, I even had a slight paunch. However within 4 months I was sporting a six pack and a ripped body.

I have been training under Arnav since the last 2 years, and in this time I have grown from being a local level competitor to a national level competitor. He always kept my workouts fresh by giving me new workout schedules regularly. Besides, Arnav also posseses brilliant knowledge on diet & nutrition. During my workouts, he really takes note of each and every repetition. He always discusses with me and implements the latest developments and training techniques being employed in the fitness world. Another thing which I learned from him was to record my workouts for future reference so that I could check my rate of progress.

I am also very much happy and proud to say that I never got injured under his training, he takes special care to ensure that my safety is never compromised. In one line I can say that “Arnav is the upcoming top Trainer”. So, my message to all the readers is that “Just try out Arnav”!

-Sayantan Majumdar, Indian national level bodybuilder and Personal Trainer 

Hi friends,this is Saikat. I work with a marketing company. i m not a bodybuilder but i m a total fitness freak. In today's world due to our hectic schedule,we usually forget to pay much attention to our health. In today's generation most of the young guys are deeply into smoking and alcohol and the result is a lack of confidence and energy in their daily work schedule. We should not forget the phrase that ''a healthy body leads to a healthy mind".

I met Arnav in 2006. One of my closest friend introduced me to Arnav. I was into a fitness regime for the past 10 years. Earlier i used to lift heavy weights as most of the gym goers do. but the actual result were always invisible. i was so bloody frustated those dayz that i started going to a gym twice a day hoping to get a better result, but after i met Arnav my total concept of fitness changed. I trained under ARNAV for 2 years and those 2 years was my golden era in my fitness career. I came to know a whole lot of things about fitness. I came to know that the actual solution of getting a well-toned body lies not only in our exercise manner but also in our daily food intake which we call diet. Today i m having a well -toned physique just because of one person that is Arnav. I would like to thank Arnav for making my physique well-toned and good looking. Whatever i m today is only because of Arnav. He is the man behind my fitness secret.

So friends if u really want to get a well - toned body and want to stay fit then just move and try Arnav. He is the "best". Remind yourself one thing- if not now  then when.

-Saikat Ghosh

"When I started my fitness routine in Sep '10 I wieghed abt 99 kg. I am 42 yrs old and a mother of 2 boys aged 11 and 8.

Over the last 4 months I've lost 12 kg and it feels great when people notice my weight loss. But more importantly its how I feel that's worth mentioning. I used to live with constant aches and pains which I attributed to my age and of course my wieght. But after the first month , when I really struggled with my stiff training regimen, I realised that I felt  fitter
and my energy level has been steadily increasing. I can pack in so much more into my day without feeling drained and listless by the evening.

I've just returned from a trip from gangtok, Sikkim and everyday of the 5 days that we were there i walked abt 2-3 km on mountainous terrain and felt no strain whatsoever. I have never felt this fit for a very long time.

Having led a pretty indisciplined life so far I do quite often cheat and indulge in my favourite- SWEETS - maybe 1 slice of cake or any other bengali sweet but not more than 3-4 times a week.

Warm Regards

"Misconceptions, false beliefs, concocted stories and absolutely ridiculous “gym myths” are or were part of every person who has ever been to a gym or has chose to exercise to stay fit and healthy, and I am no exception to this rule. I started working out in early 2002 and learned a lot on my way…but still there were a lot of misconceptions and preconceived notions about body basics , diet and exercises and their effects and fallouts . In the gym I mostly used to concentrate and train for a good “pump” which would be satisfying and signify a ‘successful workout session” and in the process I ignored the much more important goals like strength building, increasing stamina and utilizing the body to use to the capacity of which it holds and really testing myself which is very essential for every person looking to stay fit and strong.

I would have continued treading the same path unless I had met Arnav Sarkar. Came to know about him through Facebook and finally met him in around October (2010). It was a blessing from above for me..Arnav was the first person who actually had real knowledge about the ins and outs of fitness and exercise…because of his education on the same and his training experience he was able to guide me on the right path and still does. He not only rebuked several obnoxious gym theories I had but also “educated” me on various exercise and food.  He convinced me about the benefits of functional training and compound movements over isolation.

His motto was the best use of maximum muscle groups per particular exercise. Earlier I did very few compound exercises and now it’s all about that. And to be honest I am enjoying my workouts like never before….I am looking forward to my exercise session unlike before where I used to exhaust myself and forced myself into the workouts. Huge thanks to Arnav for training me this way and clearing my notions and explaining the benefits of such training.

Today I am a lot stronger than what I used to be…and a lot more fearless about workouts than what I was. I cud never imagine doing deadlifts  at all…and had loads of fear regarding whether it will injure the back etc. But after Arnav showed me the proper form and technique since 2 months I am deadlifitng and increasing strength every 2nd workout.

So you see not only am I getting physical benefits but also have peace of mind because of the fact that I am getting better and also without injuries.  Arnav has really helped me change a major part of my life and I cannot thank him enough for that. If today I have any doubts about exercise or food.. Arnav sets it right and makes you believe in it. Not only weight training Arnav also extends his services for the middle aged and aged who are looking to gain some stamina and take care of their blood pressure by training them in Cardio Kickboxing .  He also specializes in kettle bell training . So I think anybody who has Arnav as his/her trainer is in very good hands and will be totally benefited from his services and knowledge. Don’t think twice before hiring his services just go for it, because I am speaking from experience and I am sure in the future many will !

All the best to Arnav
With regards,
Samrat Sen"

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